Cheap Ways To Cover Garage Walls

Cheap Ways To Cover Garage Walls. It covers a variety of materials”“drywall, stucco, wood, and tile”“for a. They come in various sizes and shapes, and you can find a lot of colors, too.

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Dr bodgit, jan 16, 2017. Shiplap is actually the perfect choice for garage walls. If you want to cover your concrete floors with interlocking tiles, you could get foam tiles for as low as $0.75 to $1.65 per square foot.

It Still Remains The Cheapest Option, However, If Your Garage Is Already Finished With Interior Walls.

Every piece is unique and may contain nail holes, worm holes, checks, knots, etc. If you want to use an older method to build your walls, then it can be used as an alternative to modern drywall. These reclaimed wood wall accent shelves are the perfect combination of rustic farmhouse and urban charm.

It Will Spruce Up Boring White Walls And Your Room Decor, While Also Offering A Way To Cover Up Small Holes Created By Picture Frame Hangers.

It's not fancy but it does clean up the walls a lot. If there is a lot of moisture or a lot of dirt in the garage, it is going to be hard to keep the wallpaper clean and to keep it from peeling. For more effective soundproofing you can also take wooden tiles covered with felt.

On The Other Hand, Rubber Tiles Will Cost You $3 To $8 Per Square Foot.

Pegboard or corkboard coverings another option is to do your garage wall covering in pegboard or corkboard. A budget alternative to cladding is using bamboo to create an exterior cover for the wall. There are several wood paneling options that you can use to cover the walls of your garage.

This Is An Inexpensive Way To Cover Your Walls.

Cellulose insulation will cost a bit more to install because you will probably have to rent an insulation blowing machine. Felt has a soft textural look and will definitely add a cozy and soft touch to any space. This is a lot more diy friendly and takes a lot less time than any of the other methods.

Just Another One To Add To The List Of Cheap Wall Covering Ideas To Cover Up Bad Walls.

For a faster way to cover wall sections, take advantage of a concrete sprayer. Here's an idea perfect for small spaces. You can use the pegboard as the wall itself, or place it on existing drywall with a cement strip.