Diy Tree Saddle Hunting

Diy Tree Saddle Hunting. Ive been jumping on it all day. Starting in 2020 only sh members will be admitted to the annual hunting contest.

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Then stand on the 2×2 and raise the saddle as high as i can, then sit in the saddle and raise the 2×2. Please give me a sub and i'll sub back if you have a channel. I would just spend the money and buy a purpose built saddle.

I May Switch It For A Heavy Clasp When I Find One, But The Hook Works Fine.

Current members will need to follow these steps to upgrade: I have a diy saddle made very similar to yours. The two most important aspect of saddle hunting is being able to shoot 360 degrees around your tree and most importantly to be able to use your stand tree as cover.

You Want The Steel Loop In The Back Of The Tree (Behind The Seat) Then The Rope Is Tied To One Side Of The Seat.

Only sh members have access to post in the classifieds. The best way to achieve both of these features is by using a ring of steps for your platform. Distribute the screws through both the flaps and the stirrup fenders.

Wrap The Rope Around The Tree As Many Times As It Will Easily Go And Thread The Steel Loop To Through The Rope Loop.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using an aerohunter kestrel, a sitdrag, a trophyline tree saddle, or any other version of a hunting. Screw the saddle directly into the wall, ensuring all the screws go completely through the saddle and into the stud. In this video, i share with you how i made a diy hunting saddle using a tree climbing harness, some rock climbing rope, and some carabine.

I Think This Is One Of The Most Mobile Hunting Setups You Can Use, And The Only One I Know Of That Gives You 360 Shot Around The Tree.

One of the key things about the true hunting saddle, is it double as a hunting seat as well as a rock climbing harness if you will, all built together as one solid piece. These platforms will work for you. Then stand on the 2×2 and raise the saddle as high as i can, then sit in the saddle and raise the 2×2.

The Sit Drag Will Most Likely Fit And Feel Like Sitting In A Swing Once Up In The Tree, Since That Is Essentially What You Are Doing With It, In The Tree.

High tensile 5/16 bolt , some parts from a muddy tree stand conversion and some plastidip and a bog game hunting seat that attaches to a tree. While saddle hunting, the hunter is faced towards the tree. I also own a phantom and the method by latitude outdoors.