How To Turn Maintenance Light Off Toyota Highlander

How To Turn Maintenance Light Off Toyota Highlander. Then turn the ignition to off. If it does not, press down the ‘reset’ or ‘trip’ button until the reading on the odometer displays ‘trip a’.

How To Reset Oil Light On 2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid from

While holding the button in, turn ignition key to 'on'. Then press and hold the odometer button until you see the maintenance light blink and turn off. Timely and power maintenance of your toyota highlander will ensure that your engine runs at optimal efficiency.

Use The Left/Right Arrows On The Steering Wheel.

The odometer should read ‘trip a’. To reset the 2016 toyota highlander maintenance light after an oil change, please follow these instructions: Ensure odometer reading is shown.

Press And Hold The Odometer Reset Button.

This process works on most toyotas in. Turn ignition key to off. This will reset the light and it will turn on again in a few thousand miles to remind you to service your car again.

Make Sure You Are On The Trip A Display

Put the ignition key into the slot and turn on the car without kicking off the engine. Push and hold the trip meter reset button on the dashboard, then turn the key to position two. How do you turn off the maintenance required light on a 2015 toyota highlander?

The Light Should Then Flash, Beep, And Then Go Out.

So let’s check this out! Keep holding the odometer button for 10 seconds. We’re going to use the steering wheel buttons right here and use the cluster up there.

After You Turn It Off Release The Reset Button And You Can Start The Vehicle Like Normal And The Maintenance.

Then turn the vehicle on and back off. Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine). Press the trip button until you get to trip a.