How To Use Chakra Stones For Healing

How To Use Chakra Stones For Healing. To help energy flow, it’s best to start positioning the stones starting with the root chakra moving upwards. Using stones for healing the chakras.

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You can put the crystals of your choice in water (mind that not all gemstones like the water), leave them for a while and then drink the water. All the stones and crystals for root chakra healing can be used in several ways. A laying down position is easier for working with crystals.

Once You’ve Chosen The Stone You Want To Use, Place It Near Or On The Chakra Location On The Body.

How to use healing stones. The root chakra—sometimes called the base chakra—is at the base of your tailbone, and its color is red. Start with the root chakra and work your way up to encourage the flow of energy.

To Promote Balance And Dispel Blockages, You Must Match Vibrational Frequency To The Chakra You Want To Heal.

How to use reiki stones to heal the root chakra. It is also know as muladhara. Chakras are seven areas along the body where energy flows, affecting our mind, body, and spirit.

You Can Put The Crystals Of Your Choice In Water (Mind That Not All Gemstones Like The Water), Leave Them For A While And Then Drink The Water.

Everything depends on your belief, so if you believe in their healing powers, they will. Allow yourself to be healed and let all of your anger go! Imagine them soothing, healing, and opening your heart.

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You can also use these stones during yoga or use them in your home décor to shift the energy of a space. Rose quartz can be just a piece of stone for one and a healing stone for another. 1) place chakra stones directly on the body in line with the chakras to do this, lie down and arrange the healing stones along your chakras by color and/or meaning to address your intent.

To Activate Your Chakra Stones And Crystals, Use Your Intention And Imagination To Visualize Energy.

In turn, this will activate the healing of the chakra you wish to balance. Imagine a ball of glowing white energy coming down and enveloping the top of the head, opening and healing the crown. Search for chakra stone kits or chakra stones on reputable websites, such as or, and scan through the different options that come up.